A Presentation Toy Box

by on in Experience.

Kids usually have a box of toys, and their favorite toy is the one they are playing with right now.

When it comes to creating presentations or messages, it’s helpful (and fun) to think of the tools available to us as if they were toys in a toy box.

There may not be one perfect tool to help us craft creative presentations. The best tool is simply the one that fits the kind of presentation we need to make right now.

There are five presentation “toys” in my box.


The presentation toy I have had in my box the longest is Apple’s Keynote. If you have used or use Microsoft’s PowerPoint, this is similar… but better. 🙂 Check it out for yourself.

Three highlights of Keynote:

  1. It can be used to CREATE SLIDES.
  2. It can be used to ANIMATE text and objects.
  3. It feels FAMILIAR and similar to other types of presentation software you may have already used.


ProPresenter is an easy, professional way to present videos. It was originally designed – and still used most often – in the context of a worship service, but it can be used for so much more! Check it out for yourself.

Three highlights of ProPresenter:

  1. It is best used for VIDEO. 
  2. It can utilize LAYERS (videos, images, logo, timers, etc.).
  3. It was designed with WORSHIP ENVIRONMENTS in mind.


Prezi is a non-linear presentation tool that was one of the first to help us think outside of the “slide show” when it comes to presentations. Check it out for yourself.

Three highlights of Prezi:

  1. It PANS and ZOOMS across one single canvas.
  2. It’s a great way to display interactive MAPS.
  3. There are lots of ways to use it CREATIVELY. I once saw a presenter use Prezi to create a board game and navigate around the board during the presentation. 


My introduction to Haiku Deck came, I believe, in an app recommendation on my iPad. Now, this is the toy I turn to in order to simply and creatively create presentations. It is mainly available as an iPad app, but a web version is in beta testing and hopefully will be available to everyone soon! Check it out for yourself.

Three highlights of Haiku Deck:

  1. It’s SIMPLE.
  2. It features an EASY IMAGE PLUG-IN, where stock or custom images can easily be inserted into your presentations.
  3. It’s FUN FOR BLOG POSTS. I’m a visual thinker and I want my blog posts to reflect that. 


PowToon is the newest toy in my box. In fact, it’s the one I have only played around with and not shared with others much yet. But, it just might end up being your favorite toy in the box for you! Check it out for yourself.

Three highlights of PowToon:

  1. It helps you create FUN TUTORIAL VIDEOS, which increases both the likelihood of people watching your video and actually understanding it. 
  2. It allows you to create videos with an ANIMATED LOOK.
  3. It’s FUN to play around with.

Well now you’ve seen the presentation toys that are in my toy box. I’ve shared with you a few tips on what makes each the best for what it does.

So let’s quit staring at the toy box and jump in and start playing!

If you want more details about each of the highlight points for these presentation toys, check out the notes on this blog in presentation format on Haiku Deck.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts on these presentation toys and any others you have used! Remember, it’s always more fun when we share our toys!