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Britt is the Middle School Creative Director of North Point Ministries. That might sound like he just worries about planning flour bomb wars and dodgeball games, but he also has to design t-shirts! He gets excited about developing programming and curriculum for campuses that range from 20 students per service, to over 800 per service. With more than ten years on the student staff at North Point Ministries, Britt still loves finding new ways to help students find a faith of their own. He's married to Natalie, and together they chase around their three preschoolers until they both pass out laughing about how great their life is.

Small Group Leaders: Members of an Exclusive Club

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So your ministry is growing.
And you need more Small Group Leaders.

We’ve all been in that spot. Some of you are there now. Things are growing in your student ministry. Good things are happening and students want to be a part of your programs. However, you just need more volunteers! You feel stretched thin, you’re asking current volunteers to do multiple jobs. You need help!

The temptation in these seasons is to just get folks plugged in to fill the needs. There is a knee-jerk reaction, in those times, to accept anyone and everyone who applies to serve in your ministry. Well, in those moments, here are a few things to remember…


The World's Scariest Fish Bowl

The World’s Scariest Fish Bowl

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Student Ministry meet together to make sure everyone is still pulling in the same directions. And every once in a while, the world’s scariest fish bowl comes out during those meetings.


It’s what happens when someone asks you a tricky question… and you know they’re waiting for your response. In this bowl are a list of the hard questions you get asked by Small Group Leaders or parents. They are the questions that have no hard or fast answers. Things like…