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Mike has worked with junior highers in three states (Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky) and at five churches since 1996. He is currently the Middle School Pastor at Mount Pleasant Christian Church, where he oversees their Preteen Ministry called Fifty-Six for fifth and sixth graders, and their Middle School Ministry called Seventy8 for seventh and eighth graders. He is part of the leadership team of FourFiveSix, a network dedicating to helping people take the next step with their preteen ministry. He is also a curriculum writer for and a regular contributor to the N B Tween column in K! Magazine. He and his amazing wife are the parents to two sons and one daughter. You can find him in the social universe on Facebook, Twitter, and his blog.

A Presentation Toy Box

by on in Experience.

Kids usually have a box of toys, and their favorite toy is the one they are playing with right now.

When it comes to creating presentations or messages, it’s helpful (and fun) to think of the tools available to us as if they were toys in a toy box.

There may not be one perfect tool to help us craft creative presentations. The best tool is simply the one that fits the kind of presentation we need to make right now.

There are five presentation “toys” in my box.


Crafting Creative Presentations

by on in Experience.

You can feel the tension in the air as technophiles hang on every word of an Apple keynote presentation…hoping it will end with those wonder-filled words: “one more thing.”

Children of all ages purchase tickets and flood theaters to experience the annual animated magic known as a Pixar film.

Whether you pay big bucks to experience them live or simply log on and view from your desktop or mobile device, TED talks present, in their words, “ideas worth sharing.”

Each of these are examples of engaging presentations.