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Nikomas is the lead Student Pastor at Harvester Christian Church in St. Louis, Missouri, where he primarily focuses on Middle School Ministry. He loves youth ministry, his wife and two daughters, and St. Louis Cardinals baseball. Combining any of those loves together causes him to giggle like a girl. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at

7 Tips to Make Even the Lamest Games Fun

by on in Experience.

Middle School Ministry is a fun ministry… and you can’t have fun without games!

But the thing about games? They’re often either hit or miss. Middle schoolers will either love it or loathe it. And when they loathe it, it’s tough to recover. These games are marked by awkward silences, confusion, blank stares, and disinterest.

In these situations, the games are rarely the problem. It’s usually the way the game is led that’s the problem. With a little tweaking any game, even the lamest ones, can be loved. So, here are 7 tips to making even the lamest fun!


Keeping Their Attention

by on in Experience.

If you have ever had to speak to a room full of Middle Schoolers, you know how daunting the task is. They’re the hardest age group to speak to! It’s like they have the attention span of a… well, a Middle Schooler! And if you’re boring, they’ll let you know!

Bored adults can listen to a 30-minute sermon without stealing the cute boy’s hat. They won’t go to the bathroom every five minutes, just to get out of the room. Adults sit there and respectfully smile. They’re easy! Middle Schoolers? Well, when you lose their attention it’s obvious! And once you lose them, you have to know how to get them back.