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Tom (also known as "Coach Shef" or just "Shef") is the co-founder of and the North Point Ministries Multi-Campus Director of Transit, their Middle School Ministry. Tom’s passion involves working with campus directors and their teams, as well as recruiting and developing the hundreds of volunteer small group leaders it takes to pull off Transit at the five churches of North Point Ministries. He also co-wrote Lead Small with Reggie Joiner, a resource for children and student small group leaders. Tom and his wife Julie live in Cumming, Georgia, with their three children, Mac, Joey and Cooper. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Don't Waste Your Year (Part 1)

Don’t Waste Your Year (Part 1)

by on in Leadership.

Alright folks, we’re about to go granular and tackle some leadership and organizational issues.

Last week I talked about getting your socks to match – how to “automate” the tasks that annoy you, so you can get more done.

This week I’ve got a series of posts coming your way about GOAL-SETTING in the new year.

Because I can’t stand the thought of us getting too far into 2014 without thinking through our yearly goals.


Press Pause

by on in Leadership.

For many of us, December is one of our busiest seasons. If that’s you, you might be thinking that you just don’t have time to “press pause” right now. But hang with me. Because I think this time of year, with 2013 winding down, the rush of the holidays coming to a head, and the beginning of a brand new year about to begin… I think this is the perfect time to press pause, take a breath, and evaluate.

Evaluate what, exactly? Ourselves.


When I Won’t Strive for Excellence

by on in Strategy.

I cringe when I hear the word “excellence” thrown around in the church leadership conversation.
It seems everybody loves it. But, while I think it is a great concept and something to be concerned about… it can be dangerous.

Here’s my problem. In my years as an educator and working in churches, I have seen the word “excellence” used to validate and rationalize some of the most expensive and worst decisions I have ever seen.

I see this in church programming all the time.

I felt the pressure of this recently at North Point.


(Don’t) Get Used to It

by on in Leadership.

It’s amazing the things we can get used to.

Like airplanes.

Everyday, tens of thousands of planes take off and land. All of them being guided by an Air Traffic Controller who calmly guides each plane to safety. That’s crazy… how nervous do you think they were the first time they did that job? I mean… hundreds of people’s lives are in their hands every minute of every day they work.