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Press Pause

by on in Leadership.

For many of us, December is one of our busiest seasons. If that’s you, you might be thinking that you just don’t have time to “press pause” right now. But hang with me. Because I think this time of year, with 2013 winding down, the rush of the holidays coming to a head, and the beginning of a brand new year about to begin… I think this is the perfect time to press pause, take a breath, and evaluate.

Evaluate what, exactly? Ourselves.


Your Pick, Captain!

by on in Leadership.

Remember gym class back in middle school? You had all the fun games – variations of baseball, dodgeball, parachutes, and those scooter things. Man, those were the days.

Remember when your class broke up into teams?

Were you ever the kid that got to pick the team?

What was your strategy? C’mon, you know you picked either the most skilled kid or the smartest kid – the one that knows everyone’s skills. How you picked a team then is probably very similar to how you would pick a team now.

And this idea of choosing your team – as leaders in ministry, we’ve got to consider it.


(Don’t) Get Used to It

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It’s amazing the things we can get used to.

Like airplanes.

Everyday, tens of thousands of planes take off and land. All of them being guided by an Air Traffic Controller who calmly guides each plane to safety. That’s crazy… how nervous do you think they were the first time they did that job? I mean… hundreds of people’s lives are in their hands every minute of every day they work.


The Power of Presence

by on in Leadership.

When you spend time in the trenches of Middle School Ministry, you will eventually face situations and circumstances with your students and their families that you just don’t feel qualified for.

Sometimes, when families are faced with trials, pain, or suffering, we feel as though we can’t help.

Have you ever felt like you were thrown into a situation with a family where no training could have prepared you to adequately care for them?

I have.

But I’ve learned, over the years, that helping families through these difficult moments isn’t actually as hard as I thought.

The best help, though, hasn’t come from any bag of tricks that I’ve kept in my office.

The best help for these moments, I’ve found, has simply been “the power of presence.”