Small Groups are Terrifying

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I believe in creating a ministry culture of small groups and Small Group Leaders. I think it’s the answer. I believe small groups are the answer because I believe the Gospel is the answer. And I believe small groups are the best way to bury that gospel deep in the hearts of students.

But creating a groups culture is really hard. It requires you to find great leaders who can gain influence with kids, because the stuff they’ll need to dig and work through can only be done in the context of trust, influence, accountability, and community. It’s hard, but it’s worth it.

Do you want to build a ministry that values small groups?
Then you should be terrified.


Spontaneous Pillow Fights

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A few weeks ago, our Middle School Ministry staff stumbled on a little gem of a video (God bless the Internet): a Spontaneous Pillow Fight prank.

So, of course… we had to do it with our favorite middle schooler friends.

This is Jezzzy. (Her real name is actually Jessica, but Jezzzy is way cooler.) She is one of our game hosts and a regular on-stage personality at SHINE!, our Middle School Ministry.

When Jezzzy showed up at church a few weeks ago, we gave her two pillows and told her to get to work.

Here are some of the results…


When Influence Matters More Than Position

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When I was going for my degree in education… do you know what I learned from my Methods class?

Make sure the custodian, the lunch ladies, and the principal’s assistant love you.

These people may not be very high on the Organizational Chart, but because of what they do, I learned pretty quickly that it’s important to know them. And, if you want to get things done, it’s even more important to be on good terms with them.

And, for the record, I think this was totally wrong and manipulative. But it has some important truth in it. Some truth we can’t ignore.


The 4 People I Need on My Journey… And They’re All Named Andy

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I was thinking the other day about the kinds of relationships growing leaders should have in their lives. I think a good leader should make sure they’re making time in their lives for the right kinds of people.

No matter who you are or what you do, if you want to be a great leader, I believe you should have in your life…

Someone who is AHEAD OF YOU.
Someone who is WITH YOU.
Someone who is BEHIND YOU.
Someone who is CHALLENGING YOU.

I had to laugh when I realized that all of those relationships in my life happen to be with someone named Andy.


Science vs. Faith: How We are Failing Kids

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I used to be a swimmer, and I clearly remember all those early morning practices. Especially the part where I was standing at the edge of a very cold swimming pool… knowing I needed to jump in. I didn’t want to jump. But I knew I had to.

That’s how I feel with this post.

Today’s post is something near and dear to my heart, but I have a feeling it is going to land a bit unpleasantly for some of us. Sure, some of you will think it’s not big deal. But some of you might start to feel a little uncomfortable. If that’s you, I just ask you read it through.

Ok. Here we go. One… two… three.