Strategic or Spiritual?

by on in Strategy.

I don’t know where this comes from…

Sometimes it’s a question about the business books on my reading list.

Sometimes, after a discussion about strategy, people ask… “but where does prayer come in?”

Very few people, if any, have ever framed it this way but it seems they want to ask me…

Are you strategic or are you spiritual?

Over the years I have developed an answer to that question.

Check out Acts 13-14.

Read it through one time and identify where Paul and Barnabas were dependent on the Spirit.

Throughout that passage they are dependent on the Spirit… right?

Now read it through again and identify the strategies they used on their mission.

Here’s my point.

While Paul and Barnabas were completely dependent and led by the spirit, they were also incredibly strategic.

Check it out!

  • They traveled together.
  • They hit the synagogues, where people were open to their message at this point, and where there were people they could must identify with.
  • They hit the urban centers early, where they knew there would be plenty of people who could carry the message for them to the less populated areas.
  • When Paul speaks to Jews he starts with the Law and leads to Christ.
  • When Paul speaks to Gentiles he starts with them and leads to Christ.

Now, I’m no Paul or Barnabas to be sure. But I have developed an answer to the question, “Are you strategic or are you spiritual?”

And I think it’s the answer that Paul would give to.

Am I strategic or am I spiritual?