What is Uthmin?

by on in Uthmin.

Here’s a question. When it comes to Middle School Ministry, and figuring out how to do Middle School Ministry better, where can we find the best ideas?

Seriously… think about it.

Where can we find the best ideas about how to do Middle School Ministry?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. You see, I have a passion for making Middle School Ministry better. Not just better for the church where I work, but better for everybody who is working in a Christian church and trying to reach the next generation. I love new ideas, and I’m crazy for new ideas that actually work! So, as I said, I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Knowing that thousands of pastors have thousands of ideas every year, it is pretty simple to understand that there are millions of great ideas out there.

And I’m confident there are some amazing undiscovered ideas out there… just waiting to be mined and shared.

That is what Uthmin is about.

Here is what I believe – no, here is what I know.

The best ideas…
The ministry-changing ideas…
The ministry-bettering ideas….
The ministry-activating ideas… are on your hard drive and in your head!

So how do we get those ideas out? How do we “mine” for them? How do we put all of our heads and hard drives together and identify the very best ideas for Middle School Ministry?

And then… how do we share those ideas?

Well… welcome to Uthmin. I’m really glad you are here.

Now let’s figure this out together.